Here’s How to Protect Your Online Reputation From Customer Service Issues You May Not Even Know Exist…

Hi, it’s Jason Ayers, and I made this video for you today to talk about another revenue killer that leads to bad reviews. And this is kind of a touchy subject, so we’ll dive right into it.

So one of the negative experiences that can cause a tenant to leave a bad review is poor customer service.

So by the end of this video, you’ll know how to fix this problem so that you have much better customer service, which leads to a positive experience, which leads to positive online reviews instead of negative online reviews.

And we know this is important because people are making decisions based on reviews. Amazon really started this and then Google picked it up and everybody else.

And now when you’re searching for a park, you know, if you have the option between a park that has two stars and a park that has four stars, which park do you want to be your park?

All right. You want this to be your park, obviously. But if you have poor customer service, more likely than not, you’re going to end up in this situation.

And that’s just a bad place to be, right? The worst thing you can really have online is people complaining about management, about maintenance, about the customer service that they’re receiving at your business.

So let me give you a little background of me, why I’m qualified to talk about all this.

My name is Jason Ayers. I run a company called Send More Leads, where we make RV park, RV resort, and mobile home park marketing simple.

I grew up in the mobile home park business and RV park business. I was born in a mobile home and RV park. Three generations of my family are in the business and I chose to focus on marketing, attracting great tenants, giving them a great customer experience so that we could really maximize revenues and end up with a park full of happy tenants.

So how do we fix this? I’ll tell you one of the major mistakes that I see people making is they make this assumption. And the first assumption they make is it must be the manager or the person. And I just want to suggest that that may be the wrong approach now.

Now you could have an issue with your hiring process, right? How you find the people that work in your park. And if you have that problem, you’re kind of starting off in a rough spot to begin with.

But let’s assume that your hiring process is pretty good. So really what I’ve found and in between, you know, coming back to the mobile home park business and RV park business, I was in retail and I was also in a big corporation.

And what I discovered while I was performance managing individuals was more often than not poor customer service is due to poor training.

It’s either poor training or poor performance, I’ll just abbreviate that, poor performance management. If someone doesn’t know the right way to do something, if they don’t know the best way to do something, they’re just going to do it the best way that they know.

And I found that in general with most people, if you make a good hiring decision, they will do things the best way that they can come up with. And they may just lack the tools and the skills to do a better job.

So that’s one of the reasons why a place like Ritz-Carlton, for example, can create such an amazing customer experience. They train their individuals and they performance manage against creating great customer service, right?

They have systems, they have tools, have training programs in place. Now the challenge is if you own a park, training your manager, training the staff to give great customer service is a big time consuming process, especially if you’re not on site, right? Especially if you’re not there. If you own a park in another city or another state, how do you train the people to create this very high level of customer service.

Well, we were experiencing a similar challenge. At one point we had five parks, one apartment complex. As you acquire more parks it becomes more and more challenging to make sure all the managers are well trained and that they’re performing well.

So I developed a solution and you can do the same thing. I developed a solution called Mobile Home Park Classroom. And what I did is create a full curriculum and built out a full, it’s kind of like a full classroom that smart owners use to train their current and their future property managers. Right? They just give them the login and they go through and they watch the lessons. There are video lessons that are like slideshow video lessons and there are live role play lessons where they get to watch an actual park manager talk to people and rent spaces and handle different issues.

And it also includes a section on how to hire a superstar property manager, what I like to call an A player. If you hire an A player, They kind of bring up the game of everybody that they work with.

So if you want to find out more about that, about Mobile in Part Classroom, you can click the link below or to the side of this video.

But either way, if you’re noticing that you have poor customer service, what I’d suggest is, you know, go and look at your training and your performance management.

Are you training them to give really good customer service? And are your performance managing against that? Are you making sure that that’s happening?

And if you have great customer service, you’re much more likely to get positive reviews, even if your park has a few problems that need to be fixed.

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