What Is Your Current Marketing Plan Really Costing You?

Most of the park owners we speak to only count the amount their spending on marketing and advertising.  That's only half the equation.  Enter your numbers in the calculator below to get the full picture.

Discover How You Can Improve Your Numbers

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"...our best year since 1973 in terms of revenue..."

Our revenue dropped in 2011 and was on track to drop again in 2012. Now we get 95% of our customers from the work you did for us...

Diane Ayers

**Disclaimer: We are in no way implying you will reach 90% occupancy. This calculator is provided as an informational tool and not as a guarantee of revenue. Understandably, many factors in addition to marketing and advertising will affect your revenue, such as operations, reputation, location, local demand, economic factors, curb appeal, amenities, proper maintenance, attention to the needs of your guest, natural disasters and other events.  For the same reasons, the testimonials you see here are not representative of what you might experience.

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