It doesn't matter if you own an existing RV park, RV resort, mobile home park community, or new development - paid RV park advertising is the fastest, most predictable, and most reliable way to attract new guests and tenants.  

Here's what we have discovered as a result of building online RV owner attraction systems for our clients and for our own RV parks...

A Great Website Is No Longer Enough to Fill Your RV Park or Mobile Home Park's Vacancies

There was a time when all you needed to attract RV owners online was a website.  There wasn't much competition because most of the owners of RV parks, resorts and campgrounds either didn't understand or didn't believe a website would help them fill attract guests.

Those days are over.  Do a Google search in your area and you'll likely find a laundry list of mobile home and RV parks, RV resorts and campgrounds.

The Most Dangerous Number in Business

The most dangerous number in business is "one." 

  • One supplier
  • One hard drive with all of your financial data, leases, etc.
  • One source of customers

In terms of risk management, it's called a "single point of failure."  If it fails, it can do serious harm to your business.

Unfortunately, a lot of RV park owners have a single point of failure when it comes to attracting guests to their parks.  By solely relying on free search engine results to help RV owners find their parks, they are at the mercy of the search engine algorithms.

What's Wrong with Search Engine Optimization?

If you've had a website for very long, there's a good chance you've heard about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as a way to get your park's website onto the first page of Google.  

SEO is the art and science of creating "content" like web pages, blog posts and videos that you think Google and the other search engines will like for certain "keywords" or phrases.  

While SEO can definitely improve your chances of getting on the first page of Google...

All it takes is one "algorithm" change from Google to knock you off the front page (and Google makes hundreds of algorithm changes a year).

Automated RV Owner Attraction System™

Google, Bing, YouTube, and Facebook are free to the public for one reason - they attract free users.

The search engines and social media companies collect massive amounts of behavioral information about their free users that advertisers can then use to target their ideal customers.  

This gives you the opportunity to target and advertise to likely RV owners who are interested in renting a space in your area.

After you're website has been upgraded to an asset that reliably converts website visitors into reservations and stays, it's time to start sending more people to your website.

The most reliable, consistent and predicable way to send more people to your website is to activate the first component of the Automated RV Owner Attraction System™ - paid advertising (also known as "paid traffic").


The MAXIMUM Number of RV Owners to Visit Your Website


Your Website Visitors Into Cash Through Reservations & Stays


An Experience Worthy of Giving a Positive Online Review

If there are RV owners coming into your area and they aren't finding your website, you're leaving a significant amount of money on the table.

Consistently Attract More RV To Your Property

Unlike search engine optimization, the ads that Google shows on the first page are based on the quality of your website, the ads, and the amount you bid for each click on your paid ad.  

RV Park PPC Ads

An example of a paid ad displayed on when searching for "RV Parks in Branson, MO"

Unlike search engine optimization, the ads that Google shows on the first page are based on the quality of your website, the ads, and the amount you bid for each click on your paid ad.  

It's an auction system and you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

If you know how the system works and you're willing to outbid other advertisers, you can almost guarantee your ads will show up on the first page.  

This makes it easier to control the number of RV owners that visit your website.

How it Works

This is a monthly service where we take care of everything for you - all you have to do is make sure you have someone ready to take care of the incoming reservations and guests.

  • We help you create an ad account (if you don't have one)
  • We create your ads based on proven, winning formulas
  • We monitor and manage your ads
  • We continue to try to outdo ourselves by testing new ads against your best-performing ads
  • We stop the ads that aren't performing
  • You pay for the ad clicks directly to the platform where your ads are running via a credit card on file
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