Great RV Park Website Developers Are Few & Far Between

The RV park website designer you choose to design or refresh your park's website matters.

Your developer can play a major role in determining whether your website visitors convert into guests or stay with your competition down the road.

Anyone Can Build a Website (Few Can Build One That Converts)

These days, almost anyone can build a website for your RV park or resort using website templates and tools. The world is full of generalists and people who are eager to try their hand at the latest web design tool.

Does the website developer or designer you're considering know what it's like to drive around the country in an RV?

Do they know how to talk to RV owners about the things that matter to them? 

Do they know what it's like to own an RV park?

If they don't, what are the chances they'll be able to build a website that does that will actually do what it's supposed to do - convert visitors into paying guests?

RV Park Website Developer Checklist

If we weren't in the business of developing RV park and mobile home park websites for our own parks and for our clients, here's what we'd be looking for:

  1. Experience in the RV park business
  2. Experience traveling in an RV so they fully understand your target market
  3. A track record of evolving their RV park websites in a way that keeps up with the times
  4. Experience with conversion rate optimization (CRO) so you can convert more visitors into paying guests
  5. Experience in building websites that are fast (Google rewards fast websites and penalizes slow websites)
  6. Experience in building mobile-friendly websites that look great on mobile phones
  7. A history of delivering projects on-time and on-budget

You may be asking yourself if any of these criteria really matter.

Yes, they do, and here's why:

  1. You likely have a number of competitors and you're going to have to "position" your park in a way that makes it more attractive than the competition.
  2. One of the best ways to convert website visitors into paying guests is to "enter into the conversation already going on inside their mind". You can't do that unless you understand the way they think.
  3. If you don't know the business and you don't regularly test different forms of marketing to RV owners, you're likely going to lose guests to the person who does.
  4. Most importantly, you don't need a beautiful website that doesn't get the job done. You need a 24/7 sales machine that persuades visitors to stay with you.

You Need an Expert, Not a General Practitioner

If you need brain surgery, you can go to a general practitioner or a brain surgeon.  When it comes to RV park website development, the same logic applies.

We've been testing our website designs on our own parks for over 10 years.

Our website designs are custom-crafted for your park and our strategies have been battled-tested on our own parks.

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