Why Your MH or RV Park Website Isn’t Attracting Visitors

Jason Ayers
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You can have the best website in the world for your RV park or your mobile home park, but if your website is not being found, how can you convert visitors into tenants?

Park owners often asked me if we should start driving traffic (which is just a word for visitors) to their websites.

Step 1: Engineer Your Website to Generate a Response

And after reviewing their website, I often find that their website needs a makeover before it’s going to be effective at converting visitors in the paying tenants because the website is either outdated, designed to be pretty instead of being designed to generate a response, or because their site is just giving factual information without emotionally engaging the visitor.

Step 2: Attract RV Owners to Your Website

However, once we have redesigned their website to be focused on generating a response in the form of a telephone call, online reservation, or an inquiry, then we really have to turn our attention towards getting the right people to visit the site.

In this video, you’ll learn some of the common problems that prevent people from coming to your parks website, and what you can do about it.

If you’d like help with your website, give us a call or schedule a time to see if we’re a fit.

About the Author Jason Ayers

Jason Ayers grew up in the mobile home, RV park, and apartment business doing everything from maintenance to management.

After successfully using the Internet and online marketing to attract 95% of the tenants for his family's mobile home and RV parks, he began accepting a limited number of clients for RV Park Marketing Experts, where he helps owners fill their vacancies, maximize their revenue, and increase the re-sale value of their properties.

He is also the creator of Mobile Home Park Classroom, an online property management training platform for the MHP and RV park business that makes it easy for an owner to find, hire and train all of their property managers with just an hour or two of the owner's time per manager.

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