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Reputation matters and it has to be protected.

That’s always been true.

But, what has changed is the ability for a happy or unhappy tenant to spread the word about your mobile home or RV park.

The Internet is a game changer and it’s also a double-edged sword.

Here’s why…

The Internet Is Like a Huge Megaphone for Happy & Unhappy Tenants

Don’t get me wrong, the Internet is not a bad thing.  It’s just a tool (that can be used very profitably, I might add), and it’s essentially neutral.

Over the last few blog posts, we’ve talked about how you can use Google Places, YouTube Video Marketing and Pay Per Click ads to get more visitors to your website.

However, an unhappy tenant or guest can create a lot of problems for your park – enough problems to damage your revenue…

Unless, you are taking steps to protect your reputation.

Take this review for example:

Negative RV Park Review

What Steps Are You Taking Right Now to Protect Your Park’s Reputation?

Are you asking for positive reviews from happy tenants?

Are you making sure that problems are solved before they become negative online reviews?

I’m not asking to lay blame or make you feel guilty.  That’s not my style.

I’m only asking to create awareness because not doing this can hurt your park and it often happens without the park owner or manager even knowing what’s hurting revenues.

How to Protect Your Park’s Reputation

One of the best ways to protect your park’s reputation is to insure you are providing an enjoyable experience for your tenants and guests.

Here are a few common problems and ideas to help you solve them:

  • If you have deferred maintenance, perhaps now is a good time to take care of it.
  • If your park manager doesn’t treat guests well, maybe now is a good time for some performance management.
  • If things keep going wrong, maybe it’s time to improve your systems.

But, let’s assume your park is running well, your manager treats your guests well, and you have systems in place to make sure your guests have a good experience.

The next, and perhaps the most important step, is to make sure your tenants are happy.

Ask tenants if they are happy.  If they aren’t, find out what’s wrong and solve it.

If a tenant does leave a bad review, contact them and ask them what you can do to make it right.

And, if all else fails, drown negative reviews with positive reviews.

An Easy Way to Rent More Spaces

One of the easiest ways to convince your websites visitors that they should rent from you is to use testimonials from happy tenants.

Testimonials are nothing more than recommendations or positive reviews provided by your current or former tenants or guests.

Here’s an example:

Testimonials Are Very Effective at Renting RV Spaces
A testimonial from an RV tenant. Would this make you want to rent a space?

The challenge of course, is that most people don’t leave testimonials on their own.

You have to invite them to leave a positive testimonial.

And, if you park is like most parks, remembering to ask for a testimonial from each and every tenant usually falls through the cracks.

People Are Rarely the Problem – Lack of Effective System Are

People are fallible.  They get busy.  They forget.  They have bigger fish to fry.

If you want to make sure you collect testimonials and deal with problems, you need a system to make sure you get it done.

I’m not telling you what to do – I’ve just had enough experience to know that reputation management usually falls through the cracks.

Whether you use a system like our Revenue Shield program or develop your own, the long-reach of Internet reviews makes it worth it to put a system in place.

MHP & RV Park Testimonial System
You need a system to make sure you automatically collect positive testimonials and deal with problems that might turn into negative reviews.

Your reputation management system should ask happy tenants for testimonials and solve the problems that unhappy tenants have before they write a negative review online.

Once you have positive testimonials, those testimonials should appear on your website and in some of your future videos because they are going to be far more persuasive than what you have to say about your park.

If you prefer to focus on your park and have someone else protect your reputation and your revenue, the first step is to schedule a call to determine what needs to be done and whether or not we’re a fit. Schedule a call now.

About the Author Jason Ayers

Jason Ayers grew up in the mobile home, RV park, and apartment business doing everything from maintenance to management.

After successfully using the Internet and online marketing to attract 95% of the tenants for his family's mobile home and RV parks, he began accepting a limited number of clients for RV Park Marketing Experts, where he helps owners fill their vacancies, maximize their revenue, and increase the re-sale value of their properties.

He is also the creator of Mobile Home Park Classroom, an online property management training platform for the MHP and RV park business that makes it easy for an owner to find, hire and train all of their property managers with just an hour or two of the owner's time per manager.

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