How to Optimize Your MHP or RV Park Website Design to Attract Tenants Instead of Driving Them Away (Part 1)

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If you downloaded our free 7 Step RV Park Marketing Plan (which works equally well for mobile home parks), you know that in our  last email, we talked about why it’s important to optimize your Google Places listing for your park.

Today, we’re going to talk about your website.

Now, a lot of park owners (and managers) mistakenly think all they need is a website.

But that’s a little bit like building the best restaurant in the world in the middle of the desert and expecting customers to start showing up.

The reality is, your website does matter, but ONLY after tenants find it.

Google Places is one way for your future tenants to find you.

Lead Generation for RV Parks
Your website doesn’t matter until prospective tenants find it. The process of getting those tenants to your website through various “channels” like Google Places or advertisements, is known as “Lead Generation” and accounts for a lot of the success of our clients.

If you’ve already signed up to get your free 7 Step RV Park Marketing Plan, then in future emails, you’ll learn how to use YouTube and Pay Per Click marketing to put your website right in front of the tenants you want, but for now, let’s focus on your website.

Is Your Park’s Website “Mobile Responsive”

First, how does your website look on a mobile device, like a smart phone, iPad or Android device?

In the past, it was enough to design a website that your future tenants could view on their desktop or laptop.

Not any more.

Now, most of your prospective tenants are going to be searching for and viewing your website on a mobile device and if your website isn’t “mobile responsive”, your visitors will find a competitor’s website that is.

If you don’t have an iPhone, an iPad and and Android device, try this handy emulator:

All you have to do is enter your park’s website and you’ll see how your park’s website will look on various mobile devices.

Your RV Park Website Design Should Be Mobile Responsive

Second, is it difficult or easy to either reserve a space online or contact you?

Make It Easy for Your Website Visitors To Rent or Reserve a Space

Too many sites make it difficult to fulfill the whole purpose of the website – renting a space.

RV park website problems
Figuring out how to rent a reserve a space or call you shouldn’t drive your park’s website visitors crazy. Make it super simple and easy.

If you have an online reservation system, it should be front and center.

If you prefer to take reservations over the phone, your phone number should be the most prominent feature.

Eye-tracking studies done on computer users show that most users focus on the right-hand side of a website towards the top of the page.  That’s a great place to put your phone number of your online reservation system.

Wrapping Up

You want to make it as easy as possible for your prospective tenants to view your website and then take the action you want them to take – renting or reserving a space.

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Make it easier to rent or reserve a space in your park than it is to just go back to Google and find another park.

Bottom Line: Make it easier to rent or reserve a space in your park than it is to just go back to Google and find another park.

By now, you may feel like you’re drinking from a firehose, so what do you say we let these concepts sink in, call it a day and cover two more important aspects of your website in the next blog post.

P.S. If you feel overloaded by all this technical online marketing stuff and just want someone to do it for you, that’s what we do.

The first step is to schedule a strategy session to determine what needs to be done and whether or not we’re a fit click here now to get started.

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Discover What You Can Do To Fill Your Vacancies

The first step to fill your vacancies is to discover what’s working now, what’s not working, and what you can do to get better results.

Let’s get on the phone and determine what you can do and whether or not we’re a fit.

About the Author Jason Ayers

Jason Ayers grew up in the mobile home, RV park, and apartment business doing everything from maintenance to management.

After successfully using the Internet and online marketing to attract 95% of the tenants for his family's mobile home and RV parks, he began accepting a limited number of clients for RV Park Marketing Experts, where he helps owners fill their vacancies, maximize their revenue, and increase the re-sale value of their properties.

He is also the creator of Mobile Home Park Classroom, an online property management training platform for the MHP and RV park business that makes it easy for an owner to find, hire and train all of their property managers with just an hour or two of the owner's time per manager.

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