How to Optimize Your MHP or RV Park Website Design to Attract Tenants Instead of Driving Them Away (Part 2)

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In the last blog post, we started talking about your website…

We covered how your park’s website looks on a mobile device and more importantly, how easy or difficult it is for your website visitors to either call you or rent a space from you.

Today, we’re going to go a little deeper to determine why a visitor might choose not to call or rent from you.

A Few Reasons Why Some Website Visitors Won’t Rent from You

There’s a saying in sales and marketing:

“The confused mind does not buy.”

And with that in mind, we’ll get to the third point about your website.

The first two points were covered in the last blog post sent to all the park owners and managers who have signed up for our free 7 Step RV Park Marketing Plan.

When a first time visitor comes to your site, do they have to think, to hunt for what they are looking for, or to figure out what to do…

Or, is your website designed to be a “greased slide” with prospects getting on at the top and shooting to the bottom where they reserve a space online or call you to make a reservation?

Your Website Should Be Clear and Understandable
Your park’s website should be clear and free from confusing information. It should be like a “greased slide” where visitors arrive, sit down, and rush towards the point where they have reserved or rented a space from you.

I see an awful lot of sites that have:

  • Difficult navigation
  • Unclear or unrelated information
  • Unrelated or confusing advertisements
  • Other information that just confuses a first time visitor

The more options available, the more confused your visitor will be.

Clean up your website by eliminating any extra information that doesn’t move them closer to the action you want – having them reserve or rent a space in your park.

Doing this is trickier than it sounds, but you can learn how to do it or hire a professional that knows the industry, which brings us to our next point…

Good Grammar Is Nice, But Words That Convert Are What Counts

This is one of the easiest mistakes to make, but it will cost you a lot of money over the long-term.

Anyone can write blog posts or pages and good grammar makes those pages easier to read, but it takes years of study and practice to become a copywriter that can persuade and sell with nothing more than a pencil or a computer.

You can write your own copy or you can ask a website designer to do it for you, but I highly suggest you either invest in or become a good copywriter.

Copywriting for RV Parks and Mobile Home Parks
A good copywriter can take an ordinary site and transform it into a site that inspires and motivates your visitors to take action.

Let me give you an example to illustrate how investing in a copywriter is a smart decision.

The manager of our “test” park (where we really refined our park marketing systems), regularly gets calls from people who say:

“I owe it to myself to see your park before I rent somewhere else.”

Guess where that line comes from?

It’s one of the strategic messages I built into the copywriting when I planned what I was going to say on the website and in the videos I made for the park.

If you’re reading this because you made the decision to get our free 7 Step RV Park Marketing Plan, you’ll learn more about using videos to attract tenants in the next email.

Now, if you’re going to hire a copywriter to give your site and marketing materials a makeover, I suggest you find one that knows the Mobile Home and RV Park Industry.

Obviously, I’m biased.

I’ve been working in this business since I was about 21 months old…

Jason Ayers Working On New RV Spaces


Despite my bias, I think you’ll agree that the advice is still sound because you can’t get inside of someone’s head unless you know them, and good copywriting is all about getting into the heads of your tenants.

Key Takeaway: Free your website from distractions and anything else that might confuse your visitors and use a good copywriter that knows how to use words to sell.

P.S. If you just feel like running your park, but want all the benefits professional park marketing can give you, the first step is to schedule a call to determine what needs to be done and whether or not we’re a fit click here now to get started.

About the Author Jason Ayers

Jason Ayers grew up in the mobile home, RV park, and apartment business doing everything from maintenance to management.

After successfully using the Internet and online marketing to attract 95% of the tenants for his family's mobile home and RV parks, he began accepting a limited number of clients for RV Park Marketing Experts, where he helps owners fill their vacancies, maximize their revenue, and increase the re-sale value of their properties.

He is also the creator of Mobile Home Park Classroom, an online property management training platform for the MHP and RV park business that makes it easy for an owner to find, hire and train all of their property managers with just an hour or two of the owner's time per manager.

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